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Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd - Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd.  Please take time to read our Terms and Conditions.

Our contract with you the Customer

By inviting Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd (Tony) to undertake work in your home, as the Customer you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and entering into a Contract with us.

By Contract we mean we will undertake the agreed work and when completed you will pay the Invoiced Amount.

The Invoiced Amount will be the price as detailed on our website or in a written estimate plus any Additional Works.

We pride ourselves on working very much on a trust basis and one of mutual respect.  Our prices are clearly displayed on our website.  For any bespoke work or larger job we may have done you a unique estimate.  There may be occasions when Additional Works are required. 

Additonal Works are additional jobs you as the customer request to be carried out during the original work timeframe and will be paid for by the Customer at the Hourly Rate as detailed on our website or as detailed in any new agreed written estimate.  Additional Works will attract VAT and may include additional materials.

Additional Works can also include corrective work found by Tony required in order to complete the original work.  In agreeing to the Contract, we will assume that any existing systems in the Customer’s place of residence are sound, good condition and in working order.  If the Customer knows this not to be the case they must inform us before pricing and work commences.  Should Tony find during the course of undertaking the original work that the existing systems are not sound, not in good condition and/or not in good working order then there will be a charge for any Additional Works. The Customer will be advised of this before work commences.  At this point you can choose to pay for the time that Tony has been with you so far at our hourly rate or agree a new price or terms for Tony to complete the job. 

Our Hourly rate

You can expect Tony to work as efficiently as possible.  Tidying up and clearing away is part of our chargeable hour.

An hourly rate means that any portion of an hour that Tony works for you can be charged for a full hour.  So if Tony is with you for 1 hour and 15 minutes or 1 hour and 59 minutes the price would be the same (a 2 hour charge).  If you do not fully understand what this means please seek clarification from us prior to the job commencing.

Waste Disposal and Recycling

We try and recycle everything we can and If appropriate to your job we will take away waste such as radiators/taps at no extra cost.  We take these to be recycled locally.  There may be some small amount of packaging such as cardboard and plastic that Tony will ask to put in your bin/recycle bin.  Some jobs we are not able to take the waste items away ourselves (such as baths etc) you will be told this before work commences and offered alternative arrangements at an extra cost (price provided prior to work) or allowed to dispose of the items yourself whichever is best for you.

Installation of items that the customer provides

We are happy to install any items such as toilets/sinks/baths and kitchen sinks that the customer has bought.  We take no responsibility for any damage incurred to the item (be it accidental or due to the quality of the item) when installing.  If a tap/waste product is supplied by yourselves but does not come complete then time sourcing the correct product will be within the time charged for the appointment. 


Working on cylinders

We accept no responsibility for any leaks/damage caused when working on cylinders.  Due to the nature of cylinders any work carried out on them comes with associated risk.  If your cylinder shows a leak and you want it fixed rather than replaced we will attempt this but quite often when the leak is exposed it will look to be much worse afterwards - we accept no responsibilty for this and advise if it is unable to be fixed you drain it down as soon as possible. If you are having it drilled into for a shower this comes with risk for any age boiler as it can show underlying weaknesses in a cylinder that you can't see on the surface (even though it is an industry standard way to work) - we will undertake any required work but this risk is entirely yours.

Job cancellations

We appreciate that sometimes the customer may need to cancel or postpone a job.  We ask that you give us as much notice as possible please.  We have a waiting list and it may be possible for us to fill the gap with sufficient notice.  Should you cancel a job which has entailed us to order parts or materials that cannot be returned or have a restocking fee attached then you will be charged for these items or the re stocking fee.  If no notice is given and you fail to be at the property for an agreed appointment then an hourly rate will be invoiced.  If you are a landlord/landlady and your tenant fails to make an appointment with no notice to us then you as the landlord/landlady will be responsible for the hourly charge.


Ownership of any materials supplied remain the property of Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd, whether fixed or unfixed.  Ownership will not pass to the Customer until payment has been received in full for them.

Payment terms

Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd works on a payment on competition basis. The customer agrees to pay the Invoiced Amount on the day of completion, unless otherwise agreed prior to the work being carried out and this has been agreed in writing (including email).

We do not accept part payment of the Invoiced Amount and will not negotiate or renegotiate pricing after a job is completed.

A penalty fee of £10 will be added to the Invoiced Amount if payment has not been received within 14 days of issuing the invoice.  We reserve the right to charge further statutory penalties if payment has not been paid within 28 days of issuing the invoice.

We don’t normally require a deposit but you will be asked to pay for certain accessories such as shower parts prior to the job being undertaken These are purchased with postage charges and a re stocking fee attached for returns (unless faulty) so we ask these are paid for upfront and then labour on the day of competition.


Your Personal Data and GDPR

In accordance with the statutory requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are required to advise all customers why and how we store your personal data.

We will never pass your details on to a third party unless you have asked us to (i.e. a tiler at your request). 

Paperwork with your personal details are stored securely and contact information stored on our secure password protected software.

We use your mobile number, landline number and/or Email address for contacting/invoicing you.  We do annual service/Gas safety reminders for all boiler services - we will email you or send you a letter. 

In accordance with GDPR we are required to keep your personal data for 6 years.



Warranties and Guarantees

Original and Additional Works will be guaranteed for 12 months from the date of completion and date of invoice paid in full, against faulty workmanship.  Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd will return within a reasonable timeframe to rectify any work FOC providing the original invoice has been paid in full.  

Any materials provided by Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd will be subject to the suppliers or manufacturers guarantees.

Our guarantee does not extend to the Customers existing equipment or to any work undertaken by Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd if altered by a third party after completion.



We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of workmanship and customer service.  Sometimes though things do go wrong, please contact us by phone or Email should this be the case and we will endeavour to sort out any issues.

Tony & Jenny Green

Tony Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd

March 2019