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Our services


Boiler breakdowns

Boiler not working or playing up - we will get you back up and running as soon as we can or offer a solution where the boiler has seen its day!

Boiler servicing

It is recommended to have your boiler serviced annually to ensure it is as efficient and safe as possible.  This can also help save you money on your gas bills.  Tip – try and have your annual service in the summer months to ensure if any problem is found it is fixed before you need your radiators on! 

Landlord safety check

This is a legal requirement for all landlords renting out a property.  This should be undertaken annually and we recommend you do this at the same time as the annual service.  We will send you an annual reminder 1 month in advance to keep you up to date.

Water softeners

This removes scale from your water giving you longer lasting white good appliances/electric showers whilst saving you money as you use less shampoos/washing powders etc!

Water filters

Throw away your bulky jug filter and replace with a neat tap along side your sink.  This removes debris found in the water and in my opinion improves the taste!

Power flushing

This provides a solution for radiators that no longer heat up as they used to.  Maybe some stay cold or have cold patches.  Sludge can form in the radiators which spreads to other parts of your heating system which again reduces efficiency and life expectancy of components – not to mention leaves you with cold rooms!  A power flush does exactly that – it uses special chemicals to flush away the grime leaving your heating system clean again.


If your hot water flow rate has noticably decreased since your new combi boiler or your hot water store was installed then this could be your answer.  These symptoms are systematic of scaling of the plate heat exchanger.  To prevent this happening in future we recommend a water softener or scale reducer to be installed.

Boiler installations

Time to upgrade your boiler?  Call us to discuss the best boiler for you.  We may need to come out and look at your property with a free of charge visit before quoting.

New heating systems

Have a bigger requirement for your whole house or extension - we can help.  Call us for a free of charge quotation - Tony will visit you to understand your needs and recommend the best solution for you.

Bathroom installations


Know what you want and just want it installed?  Haven't got a clue and need advice and a bathroom catalogue to help?  Either way we can assist you to make your bathroom the place you currently just dream of!

Cylinder change

Your cylinder needs an upgrade – it is splitting and/or leaking...time for a new one!  You can have vented or unvented both having their own attributes.  Vented are traditional cylinders (cold water storage in the loft, water falling with gravity delivering low pressure from taps), whereas an unvented cylinder is mains fed (mains pressure at the taps = more powerful showers and no more cold water tank cistern in the loft).

Radiator removal

Re decorating?  Do the best job by removing the radiators to paint behind properly and when your painting is finished call us again and we will put it back on!


Every requirement is unique so Tony will carry out a home visit at a convenient time for you to discuss your options and estimate accordingly.  If you are happy we can then book your work in!

No job too small

We are happy to help with any plumbing or heating job so if we haven't covered your requirement please give us a call to discuss.