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A bike, an equally crazy friend and a huge challenge…let’s do this!

What motivates you to do something?  What makes someone wake up one day and think ‘I know, I would love to cycle 903.13 miles across Great Britain’??  Well, it turns out for Tony Green it was a seed planted that grows and grows until one day you say….let’s do this and Team Coastbusters was born!

About 10 years ago Tony was servicing a boiler for a guy who turned out to be a keen cyclist.  As their conversation quickly turned to their mutual hobby, Tony’s customer very proudly showed him a medal and photo of his recent achievement - the prestigious Land’s End to John O’ Groats challenge.  It is well known as a huge mental and physical challenge and one that requires hours of training and commitment.  A well-respected challenge for an amateur athlete – a fantastic achievement.  This sowed a seed in Tony’s head he just hasn’t been able to shake….he wanted to give it a go!

So how on earth do you prepare for this sort of challenge?


First of all, you make sure you have an equally crazy friend who is up for a challenge – cue Kev!  Kevin Grant who is also from Basingstoke is also a very keen cyclist and long-distance runner completing half marathons and a marathon already in 2018 to give you an example…yep… he definitely seems crazy enough - great! 

Secondly, you choose a worthy cause to support to make your challenge worthwhile. 

It was quickly agreed that it would be lovely to support our children’s school in some way to show our support to our 4 children who are going to be alongside every step of the way on this adventure!  St. John’s Primary school is a very caring and giving school who put everything into making learning a positive experience for the children. The Head teaching team were very keen for some new outside play equipment for the children to enjoy at break time – this fitted the challenge perfectly!


Thirdly, when?  Well, this conversation happened last year and we decided on this summer in the school holidays so our 4 children could be a part of this adventure too – now fingers crossed the weather is good to us…Hmm, yep we will pack waterproofs and sun lotion – it is taking place in August you can never be too sure!

So, now we have a team, a cause and amount of £3,500 to aim for and a date set…..lastly to plan a route making sure we have somewhere to camp along the way….

Supported by myself and Colette (Kev’s wife) and the girls travelling from the starting point to destination campsites each day, the two Basingstoke Dad’s aim to see some beautiful sites along the route as they cross Great Britain in 9 days, covering a gruelling 903.13 miles in total, that’s approximately 8 hours in the saddle each day!  Make no mistake this is going to be extremely tough but we have no doubt they have the determination and commitment to do this! 

If you would like to support these two in achieving their goal and would like to donate some money towards some lovely new play equipment for the very deserving St. John’s School, Tony and Kev would be very grateful! 

Their fundraising link is:

So…what’s your niggling challenge?  I hope someone can inspire you to take the opportunity to give it a go – good luck and enjoy it whatever ‘it’ is 😊

Thank you for your support and I look forward to letting you know how Team ‘Coastbusters’  get on! Jenny Green